Thailand Sport & Wellness Centre offers a variety of types of Thai massage.


You can find us:
St. Ąžuolyno 7, Vilnius
(SEB arena II floor)

Phone: +370 640 36236


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Traditional Thai massage Traditional Thai massage is known as one of the most efficient arts of treatment. Exercises relaxing muscles and ligaments, stimulating biologically active dots are performed using palms, forearms, foot and the whole strength of the body. Regular massage ... Read more
Aromatherapy massage Aromatherapy is the art, which allows treating, relaxing, calming down or stimulating with the help of scents. Aromatic oils have a positive influence upon the skin and emotional state of the human being. Unique massage implementation technique applied im... Read more
Massage for athletes The well-selected massage is the most efficient therapy, allowing to eliminate muscle tension and restores the balance of muscle system. Regular massage may help a person going in for sports avoid injuries, related to muscle or alignment strains, occurrin... Read more
Hot herb massage The massage is recommended as a procedure helping to restore health after traumas. Massaging the problematic places with herb compresses, previously held in hot steam, the pain or ache is reduced. Compresses are made from the mixture of fifteen herbs coll... Read more
Slimming Thai massage Thai is a special massage, based on traditions, correcting body lines. Thai massage is performed using special oils, encouraging eliminations of fats and toxins from the organism. Due to the methods applied by professional masters and special oils, you wi... Read more
Traditional Thai four hand massage Two masters massage different parts of the body at the same time. Melodic rhythm of hand moves stimulates all energetic dots of the whole body, using unique Thai massage element combinations, and creates an incredible feeling. Plunge into another world an... Read more
Thai spot foot massage The essence of Tai feet massage is reflexology. All internal organs with certain energetic channels are joined to the certain points in your feet. If a certain part of your body is sick energy is floating through channels and meridians very slowly or even... Read more
Dotted head massage Head is one of the most important parts of the body. The dotted head massage activates the activity of the nerve system. It is very useful for people who suffer from stress, insomnia, it also suppresses headache and migraine. The dotted head massage will ... Read more
Back nape and neck massage The “roots” of many functions of the organism are crossed in the spine. It is our shell that safeguards the central nerve system. Nevertheless, while working the whole day sedentary job it suffers much more than any other part of the body. Long lastin... Read more
Dotted abdominal region massage This massage could become a perfect natural medicine for those who suffer from metabolism, digestive problems or suffer from constipation. While massaging the organs of the abdominal region the digestive tract is normalized. The energetic points hidden ve... Read more
Face procedure with "Babor" cosmetics Face procedure with "Babor" cosmetics, performed using the tips of the fingers and special cream or oil, can become one of the reasons why you look so young. Energetic zones are stimulated and muscles of mimics located here are relaxed, that is how face s... Read more
Massage for pregnant women Hands of a master will improve your state and make you feel very light. The muscles are relaxed, tensions removed, stress eliminated, the general emotional state is improved. After activation of blood circulation, the child is better provided with oxygen ... Read more
Recreation zone A luxurious restroom is mounted for you and your company, where you can enjoy a Tyrolean sauna in private space, relax in the whirlpool bath, watch sports competitions or discuss business issues.   First hour – 54 € Every additional hour - 35 € ... Read more
Spa complexes Ritual of Goddes Body revival complexes   Whole body crub procedure Aromatherapy body massage Feet reflexology   140 min. – 100 EUR           Tranquility river Selection of relaxing procedures   Back, nape and neck massage Re... Read more
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Private lounge

Children's room

Free Internet (WiFi)

Free parking

Convenient location